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The last week has seen massive storms  rip across the United States from Texas to New York.More than 250 people were killed as dozens of tornadoes rampaged through Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia.  More than 170 deaths have been reported in Alabama alone.
And this is not coming alone.
There is a global exponential growth of disaster impacts in the last years.Large-scale disasters are now occurring  on frequent intervals .Haiti earthquake January 2010.Devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan of March 2011 and resulting nuclear disaster.  Death toll exceeds 14,000 with over 11,000 still missing.
Myanmar earthquake. This 6.8 magnitude earthquake shortly after the Japan disaster took 75 lives in a sparsely populated area.
New Zealand earthquake.  There were 2 actually: September 2010 and February 2011, the death toll is around 200...
You are probably thinking : natural disasters are nothing new and you would be absolutely correct. However, they do seem to be increasing in both severity and instances. and should be treated  differently in the context of present moment.Very soon not only the vulnerable zones  will be affected(Japan,Haiti,San francisco,they all happen to be situated close to the borders of the great tectonic plates)but the US and european coastline.
Just a small sample of what is happening right now:
Wildfires in Texas and the southwest United States and in Switzerland.
Tornadoes along the east coast of the United States.
Flooding in Manitoba (Canada) and Syria.
Earthquakes off the coast of Japan (several today alone) – also in Fiji, Timor, Solomon Islands, Gulf of California, and the Pacifc Rim.
Volcanoes and volcano warnings for Kilauea, Tungurahua, Taal, Ruapehu, Pagan, Bezymianny…
The global parasitic economy,overpopulation,lack of awareness are all causing progressing collapse.However all this have natural cause that underlays in our genesis and natural solution exists for all this.Our devastating activity has triggered immune response .Time wave is now ulitimately collapsing toward  zero point implosion event.

What you could do to save your self and other nice guys...?
Actualy the system is more predictable than chaotic  and you can take few steps to increase your chances for survival.
This blog is not for people who think "end of the world will be because that is decided on by god or "I will accept my fate as it comes".The information here is about people who want to have the control over their lives.Our evolutionary path is not ideal.We as a specie are not among the best.Our physical body is rigid(if not trained and left on its own)unlike the feline family for example.Cats can lay the whole day and be in their best fit all the time.Just the common house cat can perform jump 11 times higher than its body height.Some human individuals with right combination of genes and abilities  made them more beautiful,stronger,more flexible and better adapted than the rest.But the majority of the population still suffers from the burden of our ancestral past.If you look in historical perspective homo sapiens had the most dramatic timeline.We originate from  australopitecus( no its not a monkey).Australopitecus are direct descendants of the synapsids and the earlier therapsides(half mamal half cold blooded dynosaurs adapted survivors from the dinosaurs age).They are extinct now in a sence that they had evolved slowly into the modern human.Some stupid guys are still asking me "Why today monkeys are not becoming humans".Of course there is logic to everything.Firstly we did not "come from monkeys" and second there is a certain evolutionary sequence...things happen when the right time is.Asking this is like asking "Why small children are not becoming adults anymore" it makes no sense.The truth is we cannot escape that easily our genetic burden,most of us have to deal with unattractive face and body(heritage from early hominids related to the monkey family) and serious diseases(resulting from our declined lifestyle and overall depression)Less attractiveness means less chances in finding mate and  
receiving love and admiration and less love leads to deprived behavior.
We have some intellectual advantage..but this is not serving us any better ...we use our intellect the wrong way!Emotionally deprived and unsatisfied psychic,does pervert and corrupt mental functions as well.
I am shortly explaining how did we end up so bad.Now back to the topic:What you could do?
*Do not buy properties in low coastal areas.(The number of flood,cyclones and tidal waves is rising compared to earquakes) Fact is that the strongest population growth is located in coastal area.
*Move to a more secure location.Sell or abandon vulnerable properties while you still have chance.
*Prepare large backpack with survival items and your international documents all packed into a single compact unit.Trust me you dont want to assemble all this in the last minute.
*Your mountain shelter must be well secured ,keeping low profile(in a survival situation any exposed resource will be under attack)You also want to transport all the survival food and items with your car now before the events.Very simple, when mass disaster strikes,roads will be cut off or jammed.You must be able to get to your secret location by feet carrying only your backpack.
*If you have pets,you need a special breathable bag for them too.Or to train it on a long distances if its a large dog.
*If you are woman this year is not a good time for getting pregnant.
*Fix all your pending dental issues.Immune system does work only on your internal organs it cannot protect you from heavily decayed teeth.In a survival situation with no instruments to pull tooth you are doomed.Infection can easily kill you  not to mention the pain!
*If you have savings ,quit work.This is a strategic move to disrupt the status quo of the  system and to win some free time for your own self.Work only for pleasure and things that you are good at and you feel you are good for other people,otherwise quit.
*Stop money exchange.I know now what you are thinking "Ok ,now this is bullshit,this cannot wont be possible",but you have to trust me on this.You and all worthy people have to get rid of the Money Agenda.Money are making you slave to the people who operate  financial assets on a massive scale.You depend on decisions of other people who are after no good and they dont care about you and your children.
*Take the decision in YOUR hands.You will from now on decide to whom to give and on what base.Take over the control.There is no other way to win the cybernetic war.Just this simple step will lead to drastic change and will remove the control from the people who think they own you.
*Focus on science,agriculture ,livestock breeding,bio-farming.We all want real milk ,real cheese,real meat but we stay all the day in offices and in front of computers and only very very few are keeping animals.How do you expect there will be enough(real)food for all.Of course you are eating artificial shit all the time.There is just not enough resource.And i dont mean we all leave the cities and go to live in a small villages,we have to rearrange our urban areas....cities must be much larger including a lot of natural areas in will help us build faster underground transport to deal with the  much greater distances.I have some personal scientific projects on underground transport tunnels with low friction and ultrasonic speed modules.We have to blend with nature.Right now cities are compact and are closed systems,breeding mass pathology.We need silent cleantech industry and close contact with our land and animals.
*Fight your weaknesses.Martial arts,sport,yoga,mountain trekking everything that develops awareness and discipline is  good for you.
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